Cass Biehn, Author

About Cass

Cass started writing about gods and ghosts one day and has made it everyone else's problem since. When they aren't tormenting their Twitter followers with snippets, they're reading diverse fantasy or exploring the Utah desert for inspiration.

They graduated with their BA in Creative Writing from Weber State University in 2020 and their Master of Library Science from Aberystwyth University in Wales in 2022. They currently work in marketing.

Cass' debut novel, VESUVIUS, will release Summer 2025 from Peachtree Teen.

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Cass is represented by Annalise Errico of Ladderbird Literary.



YA Historical Fantasy

When Felix, a prodigy pickpocket, steals a godly artifact, drawing ire from a dangerous politician, he must rely on Loren, an oracle whose prophecies of disaster no one believes, for help. Set in the final days of Pompeii, it's a meet-cute with an explosive fallout.

VESUVIUS releases Summer 2025 from Peachtree Teen.

Art by @calicoture.


Adult Fantasy | 87,000 words

When ex-assassin Kash seizes another chance to kill his longtime mark, he’s roped into a magical coup threatening his desert home. Fine. He’s wrangled out of worse. But falling for Ezra, his sorcerer enemy? That wasn’t in his contract.

This enemies-to-??? romance is part religious grief, part eco-political allegory, and most of all, queer reclamation.

Art by @calicoture.